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                                                     We're passionate about bringing quality products at low prices to you!
Our Philosophy

​​To provide quality E-Cigarettes and Vaping equipment to all our customers. We also offer a great variety of E-liquids in all strengths to suit your needs. This will help you cut down or stop smoking completly! We believe that in order for people to quit smoking they need to understand how the machine they are using works and therefore this is why we are willing to spend time talking our customers through the products available and also giving the demonstrations on how to set their kit up.

Our Passion

​​Our passion is to work with our customers to help them create a vaping kit that is specifically suited to their needs; therefore supplying them with a nice flavour and a good strength of nicotine. We also like to make sure that our customers are fully aware of how the machine works, what each part is for and also how long it's guaranteed to last. All of this put together will offer our customers the best possible chance for them to quit smoking.

Our Vision

Our vision is that we will continue to gain new customers who wish to pack in the habbit but also that all of our customers will contiue to stay smoking free. This would make a huge positive impact to their health while an extra bonus from this would be that they are saving money. Also from the huge feedback we have received we are planning on opening more shops located in the south west that will continue to help people stay vaping.

E-ciggs and E-liquids.


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