​How do I know what strength E-Liquid to use in my machine?

26+ cigarettes per day = High (2.6% nicotine)
16-25 cigarettes per day = Medium (1.8% nicotine)
6 - 15 cigarettes per day = Low (1.1% nicotine)

0 - 5 cigarettes per day = Very Low (0.6% nicotine)
For occasional/ultra light smokers or smokers who have totally managed to reduce nicotine levels =  (0.0% nicotine)

​Why is there a burnt taste when I'm smoking the E-cigg?

One of the main reasons as to why you may be experiencing a burnt taste is because in the clearomiser the wicks or coils have burnt out this can leave a horrible taste. Although rest assured this does not mean that the whole machine is broken, instead all you need to do is either throw away the clearomiser or replace the coil inside depending on which model you have.


​What is the guarantee for your products?

Most products have a limited 28 day guarantee, this does not  cover; drops, general wear & tear, and misuse.

Innokin Technology offer a 90 day limited warranty.

For more details: http://www.innokin.com/innokin-90-day-limited-warranty-program/  




​What do the E-Liquids contain (and not contain?)

The E-Liquids that we sell contain Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, flavouring and Nicotine. The Nicotine comes in different strengths which are 2.6%, 1.8%, 1.1%, 0.6% and 0%. 

The liquids do not contain any Tar, or carbon monoxide and these are damaging for your health.

Nicotine is addictive and is used at own discretion and risk. Keep out of reach of children.

 Do not ingest eliquid directly or have contact with skin.

​How Do I Place An Order?

Once you have found the product that is best suited to you, you then have to click the add to cart button. You can order more than one item at a time and these all get added into your cart. Then when you have finished you can go to your cart (the trolly logo at the top right of every page) and pay for your order.

Payment options

In store we accept cash and also all credit and debit cards as a method of payment. Online the method of payment in which we are going to be using is by paypal account.

Shipping charges

For all of our products the delievery charge is £3.50, unless the total of the cart is £30 or more . Orders placed before 12pm will be dispatched on the same day, any order after that time will be dispatched the following working day.

Returns Policy

All items must all be unused for hygiene & health reasons. Any items that you do wish to return, its your responsibility to return the items (including postage charges). Please note that we do not accept any e-liquids or clearomisers that have been opened & used.


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