The Wirice Launcher Mesh Tank

The Wirice Launcher Mesh Tank



The Wirice Launcher Mesh Tank and a Free tank 

 always hopes to bring convenience to more vapers. So we have witnessed an amazing mesh tank turned out. Just like its name, the Wirice Launcher is an initiator. The Wirice Launcher leads a new trend, making the installation and un-installation of coils more user-friendly. Under normal circumstances, the assembly of the coils needs to be rotated clockwise until the coils are completely buckled. However, Wirice Launcher Coil only needs a simple action, Slide-in-Loading, and can be easily installed. You don't even have to worry about getting your hands wet when take out an used coil. The Launcher Mesh Tank comes with L PCTG tube and XL Pyrex glass tube for option. The bottom airflow system delivers amazing air inlet to the coils too. The Launcher features new W8 Mesh Coils, so you will enjoy an longer coil lifespan.

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